Friday, July 23, 2010

Awesome: Bear Steals Car, Takes Joyride

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Sometimes you can't help but smile at the world.  Early this morning, a bear in Larkspur, Colorado, jumped into an open car, honked the horn, and then drove off.  According to Ben Story, the bear jumped into the car when his family was asleep and threw the car into neutral and started to roll.

The police eventually caught up to the car, opened the door (which the bear apparently closed) with a rope, and the bear ran off.

The rest from Yahoo!:

LARKSPUR, Colo. – A Colorado teen said a bear got into his empty car, honked the horn and sent it rolling into a thicket with the bear inside. Ben Story said he and his family were asleep in their Larkspur home, 30 miles south of Denver, during the joyride early Friday. He said the bear got into the car through an unlocked door and knocked the shifter into neutral, which sent it rolling backward 125 feet.
Story thinks the door slammed shut when the car jolted to a stop, trapping the bear inside.
Neighbors had called 911, and deputies freed the bear by opening the door with a rope from a distance.
Nobody was hurt, but Story said he needs a new car — the bear shredded the interior.

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infidel de manahatta said...

If only we had national I.D. cards someone might have been able to identify the bear.

Alezend said...

I know the joke your all thinking about when you read that title, you Racists!!!

Aurelius said...

Alezend, your racist comments are un-bear-able.