Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ms.Sherrod should remain Unemployed.

Shirley Sherrod was forced to resign a few afternoons ago from the Department of Agriculture, after Andrew Breitbart released an edited video of Ms.Sherrod discussing an incident in which she prejudiced white farmers for racial reasons, but we later learned she was using her 1980's racism to discourage it in 2010 America.

However, the aftermath has been hectic. Conservatives are debating whether or not Ms.Sherrod should have been fired, whether or not Andrew Breitbart knew he didn't have the whole tape, as well as if the Department of Agriculture dealt with the situation correctly.

So what's right and what's wrong?

1. Ms.Sherrod deserved to be fired. Who knows how many people she discriminated against as a government official before realizing it was about communism, and not racism. That record alone is cause enough for her to be fired.

2. Andrew Breitbart is a skilled new media wizkid, but this time he screwed up. Reviewing video of Ms.Sherrod, without proper context, and than deciding to publish it, still with proper context, was a pure rookie journalist mistake.

3. The Department of Agriculture should have been concerned about finding what the truth was, instead of fearing what Glenn Beck would say. In fact, Beck didn't even address the topic until after the firing of Sherrod and the backlash occurred.

Just as no-one would tolerate a former KKK member remaining in the federal government after admitting he descriminted against blacks for an unknown number of years, we shouldn't allow a black woman to receive her old job back after admitting what she did. Just the way it is, because that's fairness.


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Editor said...

While she's a moron, she can admit to her mistakes. Unlike Breitbart, who is digging in.

Editor said...

She admitted her mistake, for that I give her credit, but she still did the crime. Breitbart, unlike, the man who took your satirical piece out of context, doesn't seem willing to admit his mistake.

Alezend said...

Did you just call a black lady a "moron"!? Yooooou racist!