Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Interview: QuestionObama.com

Question Obama is a political website recently created in order to expose the hypocrisy of the Obama Administration. Included on the site are various topics, such as ethics, taxes, and domestic policy. Jumping in Pools is proud to present its eighteenth interview in our series.

1. President Obama is planning a large speech on his health care effort. In what way do you believe the President has hurt the chances of passing his plan?

The President is like one of those “as-seen-on-TV” products. It looks absolutely perfect, can do exactly what you want, but you bring it home and the damn thing just doesn’t work. He is a marketing machine, but has failed to provide any substance. He has not laid out his plan clearly, just his ambitions. The American public sees the direction we are heading and wants more than ideals….they want facts. They want to read the directions of that product long before they bring it home.

2. Do you believe that the controversy surrounding Green Jobs Czar Van Jones highlights dysfunction in the Obama White House?

Absolutely. In fact, many weeks before Obama took office there was concern that his administration would be organized about as well as a ball of yarn. And it has proven true. He is attempting to centralize power, which will not work, and by its very nature will bring dysfunction. A perfect example of this can be seen in the CIA. A high level inside source tells me that the CIA is plain out confused. There is a lot of discord within the Agency and this is a result of an Administration that is lacking the leadership skills to effectively establish and communicate a plan.

3. Do you foresee health care reform with a public option passed this year?

What I fear will happen is that a form of health care reform will be passed that appears innocent in nature but is actually efficiently laying the ground work to do away with the ability for the individual to have full control over their health care. So my answer is both yes and no. I think we (the opposition) are starting to lay down some political pressure that can’t be ignored; however the ambitions of the left are so strong they will figure out a way to dress the wolf in lamb’s clothing.

4. What compelled you to start QuestionObama?

I would listen to talk radio on the way home from work. A good hour drive. I noticed that lots of the callers had some great points, were fired up, and wanted to share what they were thinking and feeling. I figured that for every one person who got through to the radio station, there had to be at least 50 waiting in the wings. Clearly, the people in America had taken a renewed interest in politics and were anxious to voice their opinion. I had been waiting for a good opportunity to find a way I could contribute and determined that making a website where everyday Americans could log on and share their ideas, frustrations and thoughts would be perfect. I truly believe that real change will happen when real people start expressing their thoughts.

5. What has been Obama's biggest accomplishment so far?

Only looking halfway like a sissy when he threw out the first pitch at the all-star game.

6. What has been Obama's worst mistake so far?

Listening to his ego. He has let it get the better of him. I believe he still thinks he is on the campaign trail making people faint. He is a salesman and has promised a lot but has not laid the groundwork or developed an adequate plan that can be evaluated. It is his ego that has caused him to neglect the democratic process and ram bills through. No one knows who the real Obama is or what he stands for.

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