Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Liberals just cannot stop taxing.

It is being reported, that Senator Reid is proposing putting a ten dollar tax on every foreign visitor to this Nation, officially shifting the tax burden of the United States on every Nation (in one way or another) in the world! Apparently the ignorant liberalcraps in the United States Congress, do not understand...that these people are coming here to spend money in America, to visit, to vacation.....taxing them for no reason is not a welcome mat, especially when Europe is threatening to dish out taxes on American citizens traveling abroad.

This legislation as is, would pretty much take the tax dollars and give it to the United States Travel Association, to help promote tourism to the United States. I disagree with the premise, as we cannot afford to have any more government sponsored or featured programs, and we do not need to promote tourism to the United States, because we are the United States.

They also touted 400 million dollars will be put towards reducing the federal deficit over the next decade, are you kidding me!? You have increased the federal trillions of dollars over the past seven months, talk about adding insult to injury. I can save you 400 million dollars in just a few minutes :

1.Repeal the rest of the 700 billion dollar stimulus program.
2.Cut all of the departments we do not need in the federal government.
3.We could have not done the clunkers program, which was over 3 billion dollars.

Wow, I just saved hundreds of billions of dollars. All without starting a tax war with Europe, funding a new government sponsored boondoggle, and pretty much telling those that visit the United States - welcome to the tax burden.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does this mean he is going to charge all the illegals coming over the border $10.00