Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama Lame-- Nixes New Moon Landing

Just in time for the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing and speculation that the United States should forge ahead to Mars, the Obama Administration is inching towards the award for being the lamest Administration since Richard Nixon pushed his anti-puppy agenda.

Yes, you've heard it somewhere: Obama's lackeys have declared that NASA just can't have $3 billion a year in order to put a person on the moon within 11 years. Yes, I know that you wanted to watch a new moon landing and hope that we could start a base there, but Obama wussed out.

Maybe this is in response to President Bush's 2003 speech calling for a new moon mission by 2020 and a Mars mission, too!

But instead, the President's people said that the new mission would be too expensive. I know that $3 billion isn't nothing, but considering all the money we're already wasting and the $1.6 trillion deficit, why not do something that will make Americans proud?

And I even have a way to pay for it: cut all funding to ACORN and associated groups and call in $3 billion in loans from the $800 billion bank bailout last year. Bingo.

Of course space travel has benefited Americans and the world greatly, with everything from satellite technology, communications, Google Earth, tang, velcro, and the possibility of space tourism. Just recently, research at the International Space Station has yielded results towards a vaccine for salmonella.

Obama's becoming a real wuss. Stop blowing money on welfare and entitlements and put some towards going to the Moon and beyond.

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