Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guest Column: Van Jones' Resignation and the New Political Horizon

By Caleb of Question Obama.

The recent resignation of Van Jones from his position as “Green Jobs Czar” in Obama’s administration is especially refreshing, not just because D.C. has dismissed an individual who is clearly divisive. The background, history, and recent behavior of Jones was largely ignored by the mainstream media. The resignation of Van Jones was not the result of the mainstream media providing people with an unbiased assessment of current events, but by the activism of the American public.

As the founder of Question Obama, a social website that aims to provide a forum for citizens to voice their thoughts, ideas, and concerns, I was especially encouraged. Thanks to “new media,” primarily Twitter, Facebook, blogs and social websites, Van Jones was exposed and the public was educated. Ordinary people with extraordinary ambitions for the greatness of America used these outlets to spread the facts, build a consensus, and ultimately force his resignation.

It is energizing to see that activism has returned to the level of the individual and is no longer solely in the hands of special interest groups and well-funded organizations.

As the 9/12 March on Washington nears, I encourage everyone to attend and add their voice. If you are unable to make the march, seek out a “new media” outlet, a friend, a co-worker or a family member and share your thoughts and opinions. Real change will come in America when we each start speaking up for what we hold to be true and valuable

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