Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Didn't Obama Punch Rev. Wright in the Face?

Leave me a comment on this, please? I think that it's a great point-- and if it makes sense, email it out, please.

Okay-- imagine that the week after the worst terrorist attack in world history, in which almost 3,000 of your countreymen were murdered you were in church and the pastor began telling the parishioners that the United States brought it on itself. That we deserved it. That America deserved to be damned by God.

Imagine he's saying this, complete with foul language, in front of your young children. He's saying that your country deserved the vicious assault and that your countrymen just got in the way.

Wouldn't you punch that pompous asshole in the face?

I'm not being sarcastic here. If you were in church and you heard that from the pulpit, wouldn't you calmly get up, roll up your sleeves and punch him over the altar?

Or at least walk out?

Why didn't then-State Senator Barack Obama do this to Reverend Jeremiah Wright? He would have been hailed as a hero and had the self-satisfaction of sticking up for the murdered. Why didn't he at least gather up his family, give the preacher the finger and walk out, never to return again?

Or at least demand an apology?

Yet Obama did none of that. Instead, he mumbled some comments to the news about how we had to understand the al Qaeda terrorists and how poverty was partly to blame.

So once again, and I'm asking you the reader to answer and get your friends and family to answer:

Should Obama have punched Wright in the face?

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Editor said...

If I heard anyone say what Wright said after 9/11, I probably would have beat the hell out of them.

Aurelius said...

I would have punched him in the face AND slashed his tires.

Unknown said...

Cherokee Indian says:

He should have shot him, rolled his stinking body out of the church, gutted him and nailed his stinking hide to the church walls.

Lloyd B. said...

In Korea, we'd sodomize a man!

Charles said...

Rev. Wright said America deserved 9/11. What he said was, "the very things that we have done oversees has been brought to our own front yard." That is a very true statement. You're not "anti" something just because you call them on their actions. Are you "anti" your children when you punish them? This country is a great place to live and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world but it is not perfect. Maybe you all should do more reading of books and not blogs.

Dick Cheney said...


You mean like the copy of Mein Kampf you can't put down?

Tom G. said...

I'm tired of people feeling sorry for 9/11. we deseerved it-- get over it. obama's finally the only person not using it to kill palestindians and iraqs.

mr. k--

is that picture of you, cause you're really ugly

michael-- your gay

art-- go cry over some garbage

lloyd-- i bet you did

Charles said...

Dick Chaney, that makes absolutely no sense. Please explain that comment. Is that really all you were able to come up with?

Dick Cheney said...


Why don't we settle this man to man at my new address,

123 Asskick Street
Cheyenne, WY

I'll send the plane tickets myself. Just hope that terrorists aren't onboard.

Richard Cheney

Lloyd B. said...

^^ Tom

If I find you, I will chop off your head and have sex with your skull.

Anonymous said...

Charles sound like the lgf dip shit. So you are saying they were just "punishing" us for not cleaning our room? You are a tard and need to get our of your moms basement into the real world.

The rev. should have bee thrown out by the congregation but they all agree with him so i can see why it did not happen.