Sunday, October 25, 2009

Interview With Doug Hoffman

Fellow Conservatives & Republicans across the Internet, I have just completed an interview with Conservative candidate for the United States Congress in New York's 23rd congressional district, Doug Hoffman. Though the interview lasted just eight minutes, I am really impressed with this candidate, and I have been following his campaign for months. This is the twenty-seventh in our interview series.

Mr.Hoffman was generous enough to keep the answers on a yes or no basis, however, when it comes to the Republican party, he really cannot contain his desire for a Reagan Republican party.

Question : Do you support General McChrystals request to increase troop levels in Afghanistan?

Answer : Yes.

Question : Do you support abolishing the estate tax?

Answer : Yes.

Question : If elected to Congress, will you run in the 2010 Republican primary?

Answer : Yes.

Question : If you are not elected to Congress, will you run for Congress next November?

Answer : Possibly.

Question : Do you believe in a strong Conservative Republican party, or a third party?

Answer : My campaign is to reclaim the heart & soul of the Republican party, I am a Reagan Republican.

Question : Do you support or oppose H.R. 3200, the "public option" bill in the House of Representatives.

Answer : Opposed, in all of its variations.

Question : Do you expect more Congressional Republicans to support your campaign within the next 9 days?

Answer : Absolutely yes.

Thank you Mr.Hoffman for this interview, it sure means alot.

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Editor said...

Nice scoop, Tim!

Luke said...

Get A.I.D.S

varsity lakes said...

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Editor said...

Well thankyou for that comment VL.