Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blakeman closer to gaining GOP Nomination.

Bruce Blakeman, a staunch Conservative candidate running for the Republican Nomination in New York State; in order to challenge Senator Gillibrand this November in our special election, moved one giant step closer to becoming the official GOP Nominee earlier this afternoon at the New York State Republican Convention.

Mr.Blakeman first announced his Senatorial campaign back on January 17th, after perspective Republican candidates; Governor Pataki, Mayor Giuliani and Congressman King included, all decided against seeking the GOP Nomination to challenge Ms.Gillibrand. Leaving Mr.Blakeman, the former presiding officer of the Nassau County Legislature, as the lone Republican candidate for several weeks.

Eventually a former Congressman from the eighties, and a national economist entered the race as well; forcing a "County Chairman endorsement" tug-of-war across GOP Committees over the past several months, as well as a looming Republican Primary in September. But, the former commissioner of the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York; Bruce Blakeman, has remained on top, and reaffirmed his front runner position earlier this afternoon.

NYGOP Convention Results:

Blakeman - 51.42%. Malpass (national economist) - 39.61%. DioGuardi (Congressman from the eighties) - 8.98%. While Blakeman did not receive enough Delegate votes to avoid facing Malpass in what will be a tough Primary election, he did receive a outright majority of GOP delegates and Committees; a very good sign for September.

Mr.Blakeman is the proud Uncle of an American Hero who perished on September Eleventh; refusing to leave the Towers until everyone was out. He understands the Islamist Terrorist threat that is directly facing the United States of America, and indirectly facing the Western world as a whole.

He's now one step closer to receiving the GOP Nomination to challenge Senator Gillibrand in the Fall. And in my humble, but biased opinion; no-other man is more deserving of receiving the GOP Nomination in September, than Bruce Blakeman; a man who really, really gets it.

Vote Blakeman!

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