Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kaus for Senate?

Mickey Kaus, a well known Democratic blogger from California, is challenging Senator Boxer in the California Democratic Primary next week, and even though his campaign has a close to zero chance of receiving 10% of the vote; Conservative bloggers are promoting his campaign left and right, as anyone is better than "Don't Call me Ma'am" Boxer.

Even though Mr.Kaus is a fellow blogger (we have a code), and he's challenging Senator Boxer (I despise that awful woman); I cannot in good conscience support his campaign. Why? Well, in the world of which I'm apart of; Democrats are the problem, and electing more of them, common sense or otherwise, is not the solution.

As Conservatives we need to be focusing on the Republican side of the aisle; and whether or not we want a candidate who cannot win (DeVore), a candidate who cannot stand Israel (Campbell), or a candidate who can win and who will support Israel (Fiorina) as our Nominee against Boxer come November.

Conservative bloggers can support whomever they want, Republican or Democrat. But I would never just support a Liberal Democrat, just because he isn't as Liberal as a sitting United States Senator. We must keep an eye on the important Republican race, instead of wasting our time on another Liberal "common sense" Democrat who has no chance-in-hell of winning.

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Matthew Avitabile said...

I would support Fiorina over Kaus-- but I'd rather have Kaus over Boxer.

Sometimes Dems are the good candidate-- I know we agree about Joe Lieberman. If we had a realistic choice between Kaus and Boxer with no major GOP candidate, we'd both support Mickey.

Mr. K said...

My point is this: The Blogosphere is wasting their time on a man who cannot win, instead of focusing on who will represent us in Nov.

Joe Lieberman is the exception to the rule; he's a principled man & he supports our Military.