Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mr. Sleezy (A Tribute To Our Greatest Corrupt Politicans)

Dear friends,

I was recently surfing youtube (as I do from time to time) and I noted that I came across a great number of parodies of famous songs making fun of conservative people. It was then that I decided that it was once again time for me (the most awesome parody writer of all time) to contribute to pop culture with yet another parody of a well known song. For this peice I have chosen the song because the orignal happens to also be my favorite song of all time. I only parody the ones I love. I hope you enjoy it and may all liberal idiots' heads explode when they hear (or read) this!


Mr. Sleezy (A Tribute To Our Greatest Corrupt Politicians)
- A Parody of "Take It Easy", by The Eagles

Well I'm a runnin' down the road,
Tryin to find a new abode,
I got politicians on my mind,
4 just want the money,
6 got extra honeys,
8 of them have all been fined,

Mr. Sleezy, Mr. Sleezy,
Don't let the cops know you're a crook,
Because you're a liberal,

Just get away, while you still can,
With that chick who looks like a man,
Better make a will and an exit plan,
Mr. Sleezy,

Well I'm a sittin' in my chair,
Just a pullin my hair,
Cause you've got something, up your sleeve,
It's alright, I'll sue tonight,
And maybe then you'll finally leave

Mr. Sleezy, Mr. Sleezy,
Better run and hide from the feds,
Because you're an idiot,

Try and pull this one again,
You'll regret having sex with men,
Just don't take hot money again,
Mr. Sleezy

You know he's Mr. Sleezy,
You aughta know he's Mr. Sleezy


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