Friday, June 11, 2010

The Murkowski Resoluton fails 47-53.

Senator Murkowski's Joint Resolution in opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency's "carbon is pollution" ruling failed last evening with 47 Senators supporting the Resolution, and with 53 Senators opposing the Resolution; closer than expected. We shouldn't be surprised that the Resolution failed; but that it failed by only a few votes.

While opposition to the Resolution was strictly partisan; a coalition of 41 Republicans and 6 Democrats united in support of this Resolution; united in opposition against the greenhouse gas hysteria; and united in opposition against the seizure of more legislative authority by the executive branch. I believe those 6 Democratic Senators deserve a little recognition for bucking the President:

Senator Bayh of Indiana. Senator Landrieu of Louisiana. Senator Lincoln of Arkansas. Senator Nelson of Nebraska. Senator Pryor of Arkansas. Senator Rockefeller of West Virginia. It's true that Senator Webb of Virginia also agreed with the principle behind the Resolution; but that he did not want to condemn Executive Branch programs that have done some good.

While I was reviewing the Roll Call Vote yesterday evening; a couple of "nay votes" caught my attention: Senator Begich of Alaska opposed the Resolution, not a smart vote for someone who wants to be reelected in 4 years in the oil capital of America; and Senator Byrd of West Virginia also opposed the Resolution, which is quite interesting - considering his announced opposition to a cap and trade scheme.

We might have fallen a few votes short of what was required to pass the Resolution; but we have more than enough opposing votes to derail any cap and trade sceheme that is proposed in the US Senate through out the rest of the 111th United States Congress. There's always light at the end of the tunnel.

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