Sunday, June 13, 2010

PayPal Threatens Atlas Shrugs, Allows Hate Speech/Sale of Weapons Elsewhere

Recently, PayPal has threatened to cut off the prominent conservative site Atlas Shrugs because of so-called infractions against their "Acceptable Use Policy."  As you are well aware, I have been documenting the hypocrisy of major sites when it comes to cowering to the forces of Islam, like when Facebook took down the Draw Mohammed Day group, but left violent anti-semitic groups stay.  It appears that this is happening again to our conservative friends.

There are two things that show the hypocrisy of PayPal and exonerate Atlas.  The first must be examined through PayPal's very own policy statement:
Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of a crime.
According to PayPal, Atlas Shrugs is running afoul of this.  Now, if many of you, like me, have ever read Atlas Shrugs, you know that the site has never promoted hate, called for violence, endorsed racism, or profited off of a crime.  This accusation is patently absurd.

The only way that PayPal could come to the conclusion that Atlas has come in conflict with this policy is to envision facts as racial intolerance.  For example, a call to realize the threat that extreme Islam poses must have been (wrongly) perceived by PayPal as racist; to punish Atlas Shrugs for such a thing tramples Freedom of Speech.  But this leads into the second thing that exonerates Atlas Shrugs:  PayPal allows other, non-conservative sites to preach hatred, but does not allow Atlas to spread truth.

All you have to do is take a swing by Ebay.  Want to buy something that incites hate?  Buy an anti-Bush pin with PayPal:

Looking for racial intolerance?  You can buy Mein Kampf via PayPal:

PayPal's statement also disallows things that could promote violence.  That's nice, considering that if you search "switch blade" in Ebay's search engine, you get 916 matches.  Many of those products, of course, are payable by PayPal. 

As you can clearly see, PayPal is bending to the whim of Islamo-Extremists and are trying to push Atlas Shrugs around.  In the meantime, feel free to while a hatred-filled pin while you read Mein Kampf, playing with your switch blade.

Hey PayPal, knock it off.

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Jimmy's Wang said...



Adolf Hitler

Erster Band

Eine Abrechnung

FEN 1934

Als gl�ckliche Bestimmung gilt es mir heute, daá das Schicksal mir
zum Geburtsort gerade Braunau am Inn zuwies. Liegt doch dieses
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Wiedervereinigung mindestens uns J�ngeren als eine mit allen
Mitteln durchzuf�hrende Lebensaufgabe erscheint!
Deutsch”sterreich muá wieder zur�ck zum groáen deutschen
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sie sch„dlich w„re, sie m�áte dennoch stattfinden. Gleiches Blut
geh”rt in ein gemeinsames Reich. Das deutsche Volk besitzt solange
kein moralisches Recht zu kolonialpolitischer T„tigkeit, solange
es nicht einmal seine eigenen S”hne in einem gemeinsamen Staat zu
fassen vermag. Erst wenn des Reiches Grenze auch den letzten
Deutschen umschlieát, ohne mehr die Sicherheit seiner

RM said...

Is there a reason you wrote all of that, Jimmy?