Sunday, June 13, 2010

Strasburg Mania vs. World Cup Mania.

In this afternoon's baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the Cleveland Indians, Steven Strasburg, a much anticipated rookie starting pitcher, will be pitching in only his second career professional baseball game against the Cleveland Indians and also in his first nationally broadcasted performance as well.

Leaving us with one very important question this morning: Which game will had been watched by more American sports fans when the television ratings are released: Strasburg Mania on TBS at 1pm this afternoon, or World Cup Mania (Team USA vs. England), which took place yesterday afternoon?

If we were discussing the Olympic Games (regardless of location), the World Baseball Classic, or even the yearly NFL game hosted in London, England, and then I compared it's television rating to a single Major League Baseball game featuring the most talked about rookie pitcher in years, I would be called a loon.

But I'm talking about Soccer, which is about as popular in the United States as BP is or as disgusting French cheese. Now compare Soccer to Baseball; America's national past-time, as American as Ma and Apple Pie: and the popularity of Soccer falls even further - to US Congress levels on a good day!

I'll be watching Steven Strasburg in his start against the Cleveland Indians this afternoon, and if you're anything like me - World Cup Soccer, Team USA or otherwise, was not on your TV dial and I can almost guarantee that when the ratings are released Strasburg in Cleveland will slaughter Team USA in South Africa.

Your thoughts?

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Michael said...

Strasburg all the way

Cheat codes said...

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