Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Primary Preview - June 8, 2010.

Millions of Republican voters will be selecting their candidates of choice this morning, afternoon and evening across the entire Nation. Close to a dozen states will be holding primaries today, but all political eyes will be on Arkansas, California, and Nevada; as interesting Senatorial races on both sides of the aisle will be resolved by midnight tonight.


Arkansas Democrats will have to choose between Senator Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Governor Bill Halter today; possibly redefining Arkansas politics. While Lt. Governor Halter is a dedicated Left-Of-Center-MoveOn.Org-fellow, Senator Lincoln is within the Arkansas Conservative Democrat mainstream.

But it really doesn't matter who Arkansas Democrats select this evening, because the Republican nominee; Congressman Boozman, leads both Halter and Lincoln by double digits in the polls. Plus Arkansas is thirsting Conservatism, and two Democratic hacks competing to be down-the-line liberals doesn't appeal to that thirst.


As I wrote yesterday morning: Republicans in California have to choose between electability or viability, and political purity. Do we want to win in November, or do we want to select the most Right-Of-Center nominee for November? In California you cannot have both; which is the reason why I support Whitman and Fiorina.

Democrats will also be choosing their candidate for United States Senate this afternoon; either Senator Boxer, or Mickey Kaus (blogger). This isn't actually a Liberal v. Conservative Democrat contest like it is in Arkansas or like it was in West Virginia, but the race does ask this of Left-Of-Center voters: Will they support a candidate who opposes the unions and illegal immigration in California?


Senator Reid is on Republican and Tea Party political hit-lists, but Republicans support their former statewide Chairman; Sue Lowden, and Tea Partiers support a current Nevada state representative; Sharron Angle for the Nomination to face off against Reid. Causing problems through out the political foundations of the state.

While Ms.Lowden is almost guaranteed to defeat Senator Reid in November; the same cannot be said about Ms.Angle, who doesn't have a wink of statewide political experience, and who will be portrayed as a Libertarian nutjob too extreme for Nevada voters. With the facts and Ried's possible political ploys in mind, and with a thoughtful consideration of Ms.Lowden's Conservatism; only one candidate is worthy, and that's Sue Lowden. Period.

Other Races

Besides for the big three races tonight; political wizkids should keep an eye on the South Carolina Republican Primary, on whom North Dakota Republicans select to face off against Congressman Pomeroy, and on whether or not Republicans in Virginia's 8th district select Matthew Berry to be their nominee against Congressman Moran in November.

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