Sunday, June 6, 2010

What in the Hell is going on in this World?

"It's the end of the World as we know it" might be a little too strong to define the current state of world affairs, but "what in the Hell is going on in this World" sums it up nicely; considering every political, war associated, and economic action is the exact opposite of Common Sense.

While the United States is steam rolling towards socialized medicine; Canada is running back towards limited market based health care solutions.

While the rogue North Koreans can murder four dozen South Korean sailors without severe condemnation; the lone Middle Eastern Democracy, Israel, is being internationally condemned, following a brief naval battle where Israeli Sailors were defending themselves against Islamic Terrorists.

While the United States economy added just 41,000 private sector jobs last month (caused Wall Street to drop over 300 points); the President is declaring a recovery based on 390,000 Census Bureau (temporary) jobs being filled last month.

Am I living in Oz? Why else would everything in the entire world be so lopsided towards stupidity, if it wasn't for me being transported to Oz; where the cowardly Lion is our Commander-In-Chief. Call me insane, or crazy, but things just don't make sense anymore.

The Czech Republican leadership is becoming Israel's lone steadfast Western ally. Capitalism and fiscal sense is spreading across the world; with the exception of America. And MLB Umpires are now completely blind as bats.

Perhaps I'm reliving an old episode of Seinfeld; when the main character of the show is living in a bizarro world (he's the same, but everyone else is 180 degrees in the opposite direction). I just don't get it - what would cause our system to collapse so damn quickly?

Answer: The election of Barack Obama as President instantly set us on a collision course with socialized medicine, weakening relations with Israel, weakening opposition to North Korea, a Private Sector without an advocate, and a world without a vigorous watchman of Freedom. I don't believe Obama is a "foreign plant" from Europe, but I do think he prefers European seeds.

Above all else in 2012: America must elect a strong leader. One that will never leave our allies side, that will never sweet talk our enemies, and that will never advocate a Euro-American system. Americans need and deserve a Leader, not a follower, as President of our great Nation.

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Angie Lee said...

I don't even think he's much of a follower, more like a doormat.

PastaMan said...

Your comment on this, please?

Harrison said...

If you require the government for everything in your life you will never vote for anybody who does not keep paying your bills... like the Dems.

Matthew Avitabile said...

Per Pasta Man:

One B-2 provides enough deterrence to allow over $1 billion in economic activity.

If your concern is military spending without regard to feeding starving people, refer all letters to:

Kim Jong Il
1848 Revolutionary Road
Pyongyang, DPRK