Thursday, July 1, 2010

LeBron James Free Agent Updates/Prediction

Jumping in Pools, like everyone else on the planet, will be following LeBron James while he decides where to play next season.  Mr. James is the most prized gem this offseason and he is heavily sought after in half a dozen cities.  Because everyone else is doing it, I have compiled a list of the most likely teams to sign the Akron Hammer.  #1 is the team most likely to sign him, and descending numbers are less likely.

1.  Cleveland Cavaliers:  He's played there his entire career, he has a house there, and they have role-players.

2.  New York Knicks:  The Big Apple club is centered in the biggest stage of the world and has cap room to sign two max contracts.

3.  Chicago Bulls:  A playoff team already, James could make them that much better.

4.  Miami Heat:  The possibility of two max contracts and another large contract means that Miami can get LeBron and still get great players to back him up.

5.  New Jersey Nets:  They have money, but that's about it.  Their team sucked last year.

6.  Los Angeles Clippers:  Not.  Going.  To.  Happen.

There you have it.  I wouldn't be surprised if he signed with any of the top four that I listed.  My head might explode, though, if he signs with the Clippers.
And who wouldn't want a player who can strangle people with his mind?
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Mr. K said...

I don't get you Mike - You 100% agree that Soccer absolutely is horrific, but than you're a fan of the NBA?

Michael said...

What's wrong with basketball? It's not my favorite sport (#3 behind baseball and then football), but at least they score.