Monday, July 5, 2010

Man Breaks into Home, Falls Asleep Naked on Couch

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How did you spend your Fourth of July?  A Californian man went out drinking yesterday and got drunk.  Regaining his sobriety several hours later, he found himself naked...on a someone else's house.

Yahoo News has the story from the perspective of the homeowner that found the sleeping, naked man:

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego resident awoke to a shocking discovery: a naked stranger passed out on his downstairs sofa.
San Diego police Lt. Jim Filley says the Pacific Beach homeowner called police after wandering downstairs Sunday morning and finding the snoring man.
Filley says the naked man was drunk and thought he was in his own home in Mission Valley, some 20 miles away.
The man, whose name wasn't released, had taken off his clothes outside the house and walked in through the unlocked front door.
The homeowner declined to press charges. And since the intruder had sobered up, he was released to find his own way home.

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1 comment:

Harrison said...

Sounds like a La Z Boy to me.