Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Man Sets Car Aflame, Posts Pictures on Facebook, Arrested

Seriously, are people really this stupid?  A 36 year-old man in Maine has been arrested for setting a car on fire and then posting pictures of the flaming car on Facebook.  Hmm, I wonder how the police were able to figure out he set it.

The case was further a slam dunk, as a surveillance camera caught the man setting the fire.  Way to go, genius.

From Yahoo! News:

BELFAST, Maine – A 36-year-old man was arrested on Monday and faces a felony arson charge after he allegedly set a Mercedes-Benz on fire and then posted photos of the burning vehicle on Facebook. The Bangor Daily News said the arrest came two weeks after police found the burning 1982 Mercedes.
Police said the man told officers he saw the car with a "small campfire" in the back seat.
The Bangor Daily News said the charge came after police scrutinized surveillance tape from a Belfast store and seized the man's cell phones and computer.
Police said the owner of the non-working car had been trying to sell it.

They'll never figure it out!

By the way, the answer to my question is "yes."

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1 comment:

Alezend said...

His facebook friends sold him out! Those bastards!