Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reuters Has Crist Up by 7%

Reuters may not be as reliable as Rasmussen Polling, but it is a respectable news organization which has conducted a major poll in the Florida Senate race. These results are different than other recent polling results.

With Meek as candidate:

Crist (I): 35
Rubio (R): 28
Meek (D): 17

With Greene as candidate:

Crist (I): 34
Rubio (R): 29
Greene (D): 18

A couple of things become obvious. No matter who the Democratic candidate is, it appears that the Dems have almost no shot of picking up the seat with their "real" candidate. The main way that they could take the seat is if Crist wins and caucuses with the Democrats. Such a hope may spur many to not vote for Meek or Greene in hopes of sinking Rubio.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Crist up by 7%. The Edwardian 'whoreboy' has captured the heart of Florida.