Sunday, July 4, 2010

Should Michael Steele resign?

As I'm sure most of you have heard - Michael Steele, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, called the War in Afghanistan a "War of Obama's Choosing", and declared that his battleplan (which was originally designed by Bush) will fail. The Chairman should be resigning as I write this, and the RNC should hold an special meeting to elect a new Chairman, now.

Should Michael Steele Really Resign?

Yes, without a doubt. Whether our Chairman meant it or not, he's speaking like our Democratic counterparts did few years ago, who as you might remember - lambasted the War in Iraq on a continual basis. There's no room for that in the Grand Old Party in regards to Afghanistan.

Who Should Replace Steele?

The former Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party - Katon Dawson; I supported this man during his run for RNC Chairman back in 2009, because he was a bold Conservative who, unlike our current Chairman, brought Blacks into the Republican Party, and actually had years of experience running something.

What about Sarah Palin?

This idea of Sarah Palin running the RNC, which has been floating across the Blogosphere, is just ridiculous. As Chairman you need to be able to represent the entire RNC, something Sarah Palin cannot do. As Chairman you need to be friends with the media, that Sarah Palin is not. And as Chairman, a focus on bringing in new faces is a continual challenge, and that's something Sarah Palin will not be able to do.


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Matthew Avitabile said...

Absolutely. His comments were disgraceful