Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top 5 Conservative Writers.

It's the dog days of Summer in Upstate New York, as temperatures are expected to reach about 95 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon. Meaning the AC will be on all day long, all outside dealings are off the table, and that I, your humble blogger, will have time to compile "Top 5" lists.

Top 5 Conservative Writers - It's just a simple fact: printed media will never die, and it never should. Thus, in order to commemorate the 300 years of printing press success in America, we must undoubtedly honor those who are still using the oldest form of media for new ideas.

5. - Ben Stein, The American Spectator.
4. - John Fund, The Wall Street Journal.
3. - John Lott, Author of More Guns, Less Crime.
2. - Mark Steyn, Author of America Alone.
1. - Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post.

Each the above mentioned have contributed to the cause of Conservatism and the good of mankind: whether it be Stein's economic know-how, Fund's voter fraud exclusives, Lott's gun facts, Steyn's demographic nightmare, or Krauthammer's general brilliance. I could have included others, such as Glenn Beck, but I was compiling a Top 5 Conservative Writers list.

What say you?

P.S. - I know that I probably should have included Michelle Malkin in the list, but it's bad enough she beats the above mentioned fellas on looks, especially Mark Steyn with his evil, Canucky beard (I have a similar, less defined one growing), I just couldn't let her beat them on books too.


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1 comment:

Matthew Avitabile said...

The Hammer and Steyn are excellent and incisive