Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Angle Moves Ahead in Nevada

Harry's Reid's pervasive unpopularity appears to be dragging him down after a small bump in the polls after repeatedly attacking opponent Republican Sharron Angle. This comes as his son's poll numbers are near-catastrophic and Reid was caught backtracking on the Ground Zero mosque and birthright citizenship.

Angle (R): 50%
Reid* (D): 48%
Other/und: 2%
* Denotes incumbent

The poll was conducted by Rasmussen, the most accurate of all of the major pollsters. It shows a clear shift from the previous poll conducted on July 27th.

Reid*: 45%
Angle: 43%
Other/und: 12%

The trend also shows that there are less and less undecided voters, which clearly works against Reid. The less undecideds mean the less voters which may be open to voting for him. In a libertarian state like Nevada, Angle's association with the Tea Party is clearly helping and Reid is tied more and more to Obama with almost everything he says.

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