Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Should US Combat Troops be pulled out of Iraq?

Should US Combat Troops be pulled out of Iraq?

As of this moment: 20,000 additional United States Soldiers will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of this month, basically ending all US Combat Troop operations in the war-torn Nation that's still without a functioning coalition government, even though their National Election was held several months ago. This policy is similar to President Nixon's approach to South Vietnam, which you might remember was a failure.

NeoConservatives have mostly opposed the launch of Operation New Dawn for quite some time, but with increasing violence, a potential resurgence of the al_Qaeda, a stalled government, and Iraqi Lt. General Babaker Zebari calling for US Troops to remain in the Nation until perhaps 2020, the calls to continue to defend the Iraqi people are no longer NeoConservative pleas, but a crucially important realism that will hopefully be realized in time.

Leaving Iraq would be suicide at this point. We have definitely Won the War, but now we need to make sure that our Victory will be the ultimate success for centuries to come. We freed the Iraqi's and we secured their Nation, but such as the United States struggled with threats after our arrival in world affairs in 1776, so is Iraq in 2010. The only difference is that the struggling new Nation has a friend who can help; and who must help.

We cannot leave Iraq.

What say you?


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