Monday, August 16, 2010

Chicoine Launches Campaign Website

 ONEONTA, NY: Senate hopeful Joseph H. Chicoine IV has launched a website for his quest for the United States Senate. This comes as his campaign, which he started last November, is starting to take off, with more than three people planning to vote for him in the September primaries.

"I didn't have money for anything elaborate," said Joe, "I spent most of my campaign contributions on that pencil to write things on. I had to do things through GoogleSites-- it was free and there's a picture of me with a kitty on it."

Joe's new political site can be found here:

Make sure to visit and donate to his campaign!

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innominatus said...

What we really need are some commemorative "Joe for Senate" bobblehead dolls. That would put him over the top for sure.

Editor said...

I'd rather vote for a molested goat than Joe Chicoine.

Aurelius said...

That's a coincidence Mr. K, because Joe's running mate is a molested goat.