Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blanche Lincoln Down 38%

Incumbent Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln is down what seems to be an unwinnable amount in the newest polling out of Arkansas. After barely defeated Lt. Gov and staunch liberal Bill Halder in the Democratic runoff, Lincoln is still not out of the woods.

Boozman (R): 67%
Lincoln* (D): 29%
Other/und: 4%
* Denotes incumbent

Note the very small number of undecided voters. That is a sure sign that voters have made up their mind and they do not want Blanche Lincoln back in the Senate. The polling comes from Rasmussen, the most reliable national polling firm. Lincoln has won her Senate seat in both 2004 and 1998 by over 10%. In fact, in 1998 she defeated Boozman's sister!

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ScottM said...

You might want to change the state from Arizona to Arkansas as neither Lincoln or Boozeman are Arizonians.

Editor said...

Thanks, Scott!