Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dino Rossi slaughters Clint Didier in Washington Primary.

Washington State held their unusual Primary vote yesterday, one in which all of the Democratic, Republican, and Independent candidates square off against one-another in a top 2 primary, and the candidates, regardless of political affiliation, who have the two highest vote totals when the day is over, will face off in November.

The results were not good for either Senator Murray or Clint Didier:

Patty Murray (D) - 433,211 - 46.04%
Dino Rossi (R) - 319,708 - 33.98%.
Clint Didier (R) - 112,774 - 11.99%.
Paul Akers (R) - 23,889 - 2.54%.
Charles Allen (D) - 7,973 - 0.85%.


Dino Rossi, the mainstream Republican candidate in the Primary defeated Mr.Didier, who can only be kindly described as Libertarian, by a margin of over 200,000 votes. Obviously Sarah's power (Mrs.Palin endorsed Didier over Rossi) doesn't have a significant impact with the voters of Washington State.

However, the results were even worse for Senator Pat Murray, as not even 50% of all voters in the State of Washington supported her in a Primary dominated by Republican infighting. And when you breakdown the results by political affiliation, Republicans are no longer the minority party in a certain deep blue state.

Republican Party (6 candidates) - 496,364 - 49.89%
Democratic Party (5 candidates) - 456,290 - 48.50%
Independents/Other (4 candidates) - 15,236 - 1.62%

I'm hopeful that Dino Rossi can unite all 496,364 Washington State voters who supported one of six Republican Party candidates behind his crucial Senatorial campaign, and that his campaign will add even more voters by November, in what is one of the most important races of 2010.

Any thoughts?


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