Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Delaware and South Carolina.

Tea Partiers dislike Congressman Castle of Delaware, and Senator Graham of South Carolina. So far as to challenge Mr.Castle in Delaware's Senatorial Republican Primary. However, this creates a political situation that could end up hurting the Tea Party, hurting Republicans, and hurting all chance of winning in Delaware.

Mr.Castle is a Delaware Republican - supports cap & trade, supports socially liberal policies, and supports more Democratic positions than any other Republican in Congress. He is the RINO of the House, I know that. But I also know the state that he resides from: Delaware, the first state to support the federal Constitution, and almost the last one to support a Republican.

Mr.Castle is the only individual to win statewide office in Delaware since the early 1990's, as a member of the Republican Party. No-one else has done that, and no-one else has come close to doing that. It's true that Mr.Castle is a Republican liberal, but his opponent is a Democrat liberal, and I will take 55% Conservatism over 100% Liberalism every day of the week.

The Tea Party doesn't give a damn about what I just wrote. They want Grand Old Party scalps, and they want Ms.Christine O'Donnell, a lovely Pro-Life advocate, to be our Nominee against the Democratic Nominee, Chris Coons, who is leading Ms.O'Donnell by 7-to-10 points according to almost every poll. While at the same time: Castle leads in every poll.

So here's the situation: Mr.Castle is the only Republican that can win in Delaware, but the Tea Party is supporting a candidate that has already lost running for this seat before (2008 election against Joe Biden), and is running towards her fourth* straight electoral defeat now. There's a time for pureness and there's a time for big tents.

Senator Graham in South Carolina is a time for pureness. Michael Castle in Delaware is a time for big, big, big tents. Republicans regaining the United States Senate depends on winning every seat that we can, with the proper candidates that will bring us to the promise land.

Any thoughts?

* - Lost the Republican Nomination for US Senate in 2006.
* - Lost the 2006 US Senate Election running as a Write-in.
* - Lost the 2008 US Senate Election against Senator Biden.


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