Monday, August 30, 2010

Buck Up by Four in CO

Republican Ken Buck has taken a lead in the Senate race in Colorado. While Buck has had a narrow lead in the past, it appears that it may be widening. Buck is looking to defeat Obama-backed Michael Bennet. Bennet is also an incumbent and is big on the GOP take-over list. This lead appears to be good news. The numbers below include leaners:

Buck (R): 49%
Bennet * (D): 45%

Und/other: 6%
* Denotes incumbent

This poll is from Rasmussen, the most accurate national pollster around. It also appears to be bad news for the Democrats in that formerly solid-GOP Colorado is moving back to the red after voting for Barack Obama in 2008.

The low number of undecided voters appear to be helping Buck-- even if Bennet picked up 2/3 of these voters he would still lose narrowly.

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