Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prior and Strasburg vs. McCann.

The Chicago Cubs' signed Mark Prior to a $10.5 million dollar contract in 2001, his career would be over in about seven years after he sustained 11 injuries over the course of 6 seasons. Stephen Strasburg was signed by the Washington Nationals' to a $15.1 million dollar contact last season, he has already suffered 2 injuries in just two months of pitching.

The Atlanta Braves' paid Brian McCann $1.7 million dollar's in his initial three full seasons behind the plate, he played an average of 138 games per season, hit about 22 home runs per season, and reached the All-Star Game all three seasons. I have to add that he signed a new contract in 2007 that only paid him $1.4 million dollars in his first two years (the latter two of his before mentioned three seasons).

What's the moral here?

The Cubs' and Nationals' overpaid unproven Rookies, and got burned.

The Braves' waited for their Rookie to prove himself, and than paid him.

Major League Baseball teams must be sure to drop their new found "NFL mentality" when negotiating with just drafted baseball players from either high school or college. This league cannot become another "reward unproven players league", it must remain the league of "first - perform in the big leagues, second - be awarded for your performance"

Any thoughts?


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Editor said...

I have Prior's autograph.

Editor said...

And if he wasn't so injury prone, it would be worth something right now. He's currently playing for a professional league that I never heard of before this morning.