Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama: Ground Zero Mosque Okay, Israel Can't Built Homes in Own Capital

I'm sure you've heard by now that President Obama has given his thumbs up to the proposed Mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero. Though he 'recognizes and respects sensitivities' of 9/11 families, he has no problem completely disregarding their wishes. And, obviously, he doesn't have a second thought about going against the wishes of 68% of Americans.

His hypocrisy from this travesty should be fairly obvious: he purports to do the wishes of the American people and says that he respects 9/11 families, yet he has no compunction about thumbing his nose at both. But in case you need more proof that our President is being foolish, you need only examine his Ground Zero Mosque stance with his stance on Jerusalem settlements.

President Obama has said time and time again that Israel has no right to build settlements in their own capital. Israelis cannot build homes or Synagogues or even a picket fence in the West Bank. They have no right, he says, and utterly refuses to support them. Yet the President says with all of his heart that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who said that the United States was "an accessory" to 9/11, should go ahead and build a Mosque near Ground Zero, World Trade Center families be damned. Where is the President's logic? Alas, no one can be sure except, possibly, President Obama himself.

I have no stomach for utterly wrong policies and naïveté, but I cannot stand both wrapped in hypocrisy.

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