Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interview With Liberty Junkie

 Today Jumping in Pools is proud to present interview number 112 in our ongoing series. Today we are interviewing Rich, the editor of the new site Liberty Junkie. Make sure to bookmark the site-- it has your daily dose of news wrapped up into one page!

1. When and why did you start Liberty Junkie?
LibertyJunkie is actually only a few weeks old.  I spend a lot of time reading blogs - not just the big names, but the lesser known blogs as well.  I had planned to start my own blog, but soon realized that its pretty tough creating original content on a regular basis.  Still like so many bloggers, I felt a "call to action" due to the problems that face our country today.  So, I figured the best way I can make an impact would be to help promote the many blogs I read and agree with. 

2. Would you consider yourself more Conservative or Libertarian?
I recently read a quote from Greg Gutfeld: "I became a Republican by spending time with Liberals.  I became a Libertarian by spending time with Republicans.  That pretty much sums it up for me as well. 

3. Has Obama been better or worse than you expected/feared?
Far worse.  My biggest concern with Obama was his lack of experience.  In spite of his radical ties, voting record, and everything else to be concerned about, I thought he was smart enough to understand his place in history and to ensure that he would have a successful presidency so as to not taint his place in history.  I expected a highly pragmatic, post-partisan president.  Unfortunately, it hasn't really been that way. 

4. Would you support a "RINO" in 2012?
Well, not in the primaries.  But if we had a rematch of 2008, I'd vote McCain again.  

5. Would Ron Paul make a good President?
I think so.  I think anyone that leans libertarian would have a lot of public support.  There would need to be a majority or close to a majority in Congress too - which I think we may see by 2012. 

6. How would you like to change the blogosphere?
For starters, I'm just hoping it doesn't get taxed and regulated into oblivion.  If that doesn't happen, my goal with LibertyJunkie is to aggregate the best conservative blogs all in one place.  There is so much information floating around, if I can organize it well, readers can always come to one spot to pull it all together.


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