Friday, August 27, 2010

Miller's Lead Shrinks in AK Race

It appears that Joe Miller's victory may not be as secure as previously believed, as our own Mr. K pointed out. With more votes being counted his thin margin of victory appears to be shrinking-- and that's before 16,000 military and absentee ballots are counted. Still, it looks a little bit better for the Murkowski folks. The vote count has shifted by over 500 so far:

Miller was leading with 47,027 votes to 45,359 for Murkowski after the final precinct results came in late Wednesday afternoon. More than 16,000 absentees were requested from the Division of Elections and about 7,600 of them have come back so far.

So it looks like this could get more interesting-- keep your eyes peeled on this race. It looks like those 7,600 votes may create a Coleman-Franken style recount for us.

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