Friday, August 20, 2010

Another look at Barbour?

I love Haley Barbour.

He's a Conservative who can hang around with the Establishment on Monday, lead a Grassroots charge on Tuesday, and have a beer with all of them on Wednesday, without changing his highly opinionated thoughts on any particular issue. Or in other words, he's an honest Conservative to all parties involved, big or small, and that's why some are on the Barbour 2012 bandwagon.

However, his polling numbers are trash - just 1% of Republican voters in New Hampshire would support his campaign according to a poll released by Public Policy Polling several months ago. In part, due to most voters not knowing who he is, even though he was the former Chairman of the RNC during the Clinton years.

So he's a good Republican who has no shot at winning the Nomination?

Sounds about right, but I wouldn't dismiss a Barbour 2012 campaign for three reasons:

1. Barbour's approval rating in Mississippi is 70%, and no other candidate besides for Mike Huckabee would have a chance of sweeping the deep south such as Barbour does.

2. Barbour was not only the highly successful Chairman of the entire GOP between 1993-1997, but he is currently the Chairman of the Republican Governor's Association, which is heading towards a dramatic victory this November across the Nation's many battleground states.

3. Haley Barbour is an honest Conservative who has already successfully reformed health care for the better at a state level (Tort Reform), and who has enacted policies that have led to Mississippi's very low abortion rate (parental consent required, banned late term abortions and state funding for elective abortions).

Perhaps the average Republican should take another look at Barbour?


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1 comment:

evergreen78 said...

I love Haley Barbour, too! Not only is he capable & more than competent (remember Katrina), with good ol' common sense (which, unfortunately, isn't too common), but he's got that "diplomacy" thing where he can tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.