Friday, August 27, 2010

We Need to Take Two Steps Back.

This whole Senator Murkowski/Joe Miller situation has got out of control. The lines have been drawn between pro-grassroots Conservatives and the NRSC. Alaska's old GOP guard, and ideological Conservatives. Senator Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller.

And it must stop. Everyone needs to take two steps back, and examine the entire situation with fresh eyes.

First, the race in Alaska is too close to call. Lisa Murkowski hasn't won the Nomination, and Joe Miller hasn't won the Nomination. So neither can have their victory stolen from them if 7,600 to 16,000 (5,000 to possibly 10,000 are GOP votes) absentee ballots are still floating around out there, uncounted.

Second, this race is too personal for all parties involved. The old GOP guard and the grassroots activists have been fighting a proxy war for months - in Utah, in Nevada, and in Colorado. And this GOP Nomination battle was/is the straw that broke the camel's back, leading both sides to open a volley of fire against one-another.

Finally, both sides need to realize that both candidates are very acceptable. Ms.Murkowski, is for the most part, a straight shooting Conservative who can please all Republicans, while Joe Miller is a dedicated Conservative who doesn't pussyfoot around with anyone.

Before either Party does something really stupid, both sides should sit down and reconcile with the facts of the matter. We're not on opposing sides, we're not enemies. We are in fact: friends, allies and ideological counterparts. And most importantly - we're all Republicans.

Joe Miller - 47,027 - 50.90%.
Murkowski - 45,359 - 49.10%.
Difference - 1,668 votes - 1.80%.


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So what is your point?