Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tancredo: I'm Not Hurting the GOP by Running for Governor Third Party

 Tom Tancredo was a former Congressman from Colorado. He was brash but to the point and served as a beacon of candor. However, he flip-flopped on the war, siding with the Democrats towards the end of his tenure in the capitol and has turned from an arch-conservative into more of a libertarian.

Now he is running for Colorado Governor as a third-party candidate. Polls show him with some support, but still a distant third. If you combine his numbers with those of the Republican candidate Dan Maes they outnumber the Democratic candidate. Still, Tancredo says that his running is not an ego trip or an attempt to block the GOP.

But Tancredo pushed back against charges he is hurting conservatives, arguing he has better odds of winning the three-way race than Maes has of defeating Hickenlooper one-on-one. Tancredo said Maes cannot and should not win the general election.

“I don’t believe he is the person he says he is,” Tancredo said of Maes.

Still, it does appear that  Tancredo's candidacy is hurting the state GOP-- although it is unclear whether or not Maes would actually be able to win in November in a one-on-one race.

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