Sunday, August 15, 2010

Surprise: Republican McMahon Just Behind Democrat Blumenthal in CT Senate Race

A new poll released this week has revealed a shocking result: Republican Linda McMahon is only 7 points behind Democrat Richard Blumenthal in the Connecticut Senate race.  Though heavily favored to win, Blumenthal received just 47% of support, with McMahon garnering 40%.

No Republican has held a Senate seat in Connecticut since 1989 and the seat is only open because Chris Dodd, who has served since 1981, is retiring.  In 2008 then-Senator Obama won in a landslide, winning over 60% of the vote.

However, in a year believed to play heavily to Republicans, a Democratic loss in Connecticut seemed extremely unlikely.  A major Blumenthal gaffe could be part of the reason  for his fall in the polls.  In May, the New York Times reported that he had lied about his military service on several occasions, falsely stating that he served in Vietnam when he had not.

McMahon, on the other side, has just won the Republican primary and seems to be gaining in the polls.  With unexpected Democratic Senate seats up for grabs, it gives weight to those who say that the GOP could take back both the House and Senate this election.

Statistically, this race is a dead heat.

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1 comment:

Fenway_Nation said...

Let's not hold our breath over McMahon. Look no further than the lame-duck govinator of California if you want to see the end-result of multimillionaire entertainers running for office as Republicans.

Having said that, as long as she keeps it close her campaign is forcing the Dems to spend all kinds of time, money and resources in what should be a cakewalk for the pathological liar Blumenthal. This could tilt a 'toss-up' state like Washington, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania into the (R) column.