Tuesday, August 31, 2010

State of Alaska is counting 15,000 ballots today.

Update (10:25) - Just two more items to note:

This is the second time that Sarah Palin has defeated a Murkowski.

This is the first time in three decades that no Murkowski will be in DC.

Update (9:34) - Miller will bring something unique to D.C. from Alaska:

100% Conservatism. No questions asked.

Update (9:31) - I think it's safe to say that Miller has won:

Judge Joe Miller - 52,360 - 50.71%.
Sen. Murkowski - 50,891 - 49.29%.
Difference in tally - 1,469 - 01.42%.

Murkowski needs a miracle to win. It's time to concede.

Congrats to Mr.Miller, lets win this election now!

Update (5:34) - Visit the Alaska Politics Blog for Updates.

Murkowski-Miller results are current as of 5:30 PM.

As of now the Alaska Division of Elections has counted 6,096 Republican votes out of 15,000 total votes this afternoon (most are Republican, and there are still about 9,000-10,000 votes overall that need to be counted within the next few weeks), and Senator Murkowski has closed the gap by another 200+ votes.

Senator Murkowski-Joe Miller election day results:

Judge Joe Miller - 47,027 - 50.90%.
Sen. Murkowski - 45,359 - 49.10%.
Difference in tally - 1,668 - 01.80%.

Current Sen. Murkowski-Joe Miller election results:

Judge Joe Miller - 49,888 - 50.66%.
Sen. Murkowski - 48,594 - 49.34%.
Difference in tally - 1,294 - 01.30%.

Sen. Murkowski-Joe Miller absentee ballot vote split:

Sen. Murkowski - 3,235 - 53.00%.
Judge Joe Miller - 2,861 - 47.00%.
Difference in tally - 374 - 06.00%.

With 10,000 Republican absentee ballots uncounted, Senator Murkowski would only need to win 59% those of votes. However, with close to 25,000 outstanding ballots overall (including those already counted today), we can expect upwards to 15,000 Republican ballots in addition to the initial 92,000 votes that were cast last week, which means Senator Murkowski only needs to win 56% of all votes counted.

With 6,096 ballots counted - Murkowski has captured only 53% of votes counted. She might win a majority of absentee and uncounted votes over the next few weeks, but she must capture 56% of votes overall to win the nomination: something that seems increasingly unlikely, but not entirely impossible.

I'll be updating this article through out the day.


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Anonymous said...

What a joke! Is Murkowski a Democrat? She's as bad a whiner as our Bill Mccollum from Florida.