Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Toomey Up by 9% in PA

Some definitely good news has come out of the Democratic-leaning PPP poll this week, as it appears to confirm a growing trend away from Democrat Joe Sestak. Republican Pat Toomey is surging [warning-- PDF] and Sestak can't find any momentum following his dramatic victory over Arlen Specter in the Democratic Primary.

Toomey (R): 45%
Sestak (D): 36%
Other/und: 19%

This is a remarkably high number of undecided voters considering that this battle is one of the most drawn out and publicized in the country. It would appear that neither candidate's support is too solid as neither approach the all-important 50% mark. Of course, Toomey is in the better position, but Sestak may be able to rebound with Philadelphia-area voters.

The poll is a little different from Rasmussen, which is the most accurate of the national pollsters. According to that poll, Sestak is behind by 6%. However, that poll was conducted before this one and the PPP poll could represent a more recent change.

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Anonymous said...

Your headline should be "Toomey" up by 9%.

Editor said...

Oops. Thanks!