Thursday, August 19, 2010

Massachusetts Restaurant Review #1: 'The Causeway' of Gloucester

Blogs need articles and I've been in Massachusetts for the last few days.  So I figured that I'd review some of the places that I spent time in.

Today's Review: Causeway Restaurant of Gloucester
I ate in Massachusetts mostly in Gloucester, Rockport, and a couple of times in Boston.  The Causeway is without a doubt the best place that I had dinner.

The New England clam chowder was the best that I've ever had.  Rich and creamy, full of flavor from every spoon, you have to have at least a cup.  The service as well was the best that I've ever had.  Quick and alert, the waiters and waitresses did excellent work.

As for the main courses, I ate there thrice, so I'll judge each meal individually.  The first night I had steak tips, which were superb.  I told our waitress to give my compliments to the chef.  Two nights later I had some surf & turf, which comprised of a 8 oz. steak and a shrimp casserole. The bread crumbs on the casserole were excellent, but the shrimps' flavor left a little to be desired.  The steak was good.  The next day I had steak tips again, however this time they were burnt.

Price-wise, the Causeway is in the middle of the pack for restaurants.  Value-wise, however, it is far ahead of the rest.

I give the Causeway Restaurant four-and-a-half stars out of five: Excellent.

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1 comment:

Mr. d said...

I've eaten at the Causeway several times. You're right, the soup is the best, as are the fried clams! I also had lobster pie, good but not as good as the clams!
Come early and hungry!