Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interview with Angry White Dude

Jumping in Pools is proud to present interview number 110 in our ongoing interview series. This time we're interviewing Phil, who is better known by his pen name Angry White Dude. He runs a site of the same name and is one of the most influential conservative sites in the country. Make sure to check out his site and bookmark!

1. When and why did you start Angry White Dude?

 I started AWD two years ago.  I was frustrated at how white males were ridiculed in current culture.  You can see in television programs, commercials, etc how white males always play the fool.  That frustrated me because most white males I know are not stupid idiots...uh, that would be liberals....but good family men who are responsible and hard-working.  The blog quickly expanded to include political and other issues.  It is still primarily a blog from the viewpoint of a middle-class, white male.  My readers come from all backgrounds but most are politically conservative.

2. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected or feared?

 Obama has been worse.  When he basically selected Clinton's team for his cabinet after the inauguration, I thought it would be another Clinton-esque presidency.  I believed he was liberal.  I had no idea he was a communist and someone who seems to very much dislike his country.

3. Do you have a favorite for 2012 yet?

 I like Jim DeMint but it is very early.  Conservatives want a president in 2012 who will work with Congress to dismantle the federal government monster and return the country to Constitutional values.

4. What is the best part about running your site?

 I love having the freedom to say what I believe and not sugar coat my beliefs because of political correctness.  I also love to read the comments of readers.  I also enjoy writing on Angry White Dude because the chicks dig me.

5. What's the most infuriating/stupidest thing Obama or his lackeys have done so far?

The most infuriating is ObamaCare, backing a commie in Honduras, his commie czars, siding with Mexico on SB 1070 in AZ, backing the NYC mosque, the Stimulus bill, bailouts, payoffs, his connections to unions, his foreign policy train wreck arrogance.  Those few things.

6. Would you support a "RINO" against Obama in 2012?

Yes, absolutely.  Scott Brown isn't my ideal conservative but he's a whole hell of a lot better than Kennedy or a Democrat.  I would vote for a RINO over a Dim every day.

7. Anything else you would like to add?

 We need conservatives in office, not Republicans.  Most Republicans are wussypants wimps afraid of their shadow.  The tea party is the best thing to happen to America in my lifetime and will change the country.

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Anonymous said...


There's some evidence that Angry White Dude is Phillip Dennis, the founder of the Dallas Tea Party. It's clear that Angry White Dude is an unabashed white supremacist. He says so on his blog - er, rather, he claims NOT to be a white supremacist, which is an obvious case of "lady doth protest too much."

Check out these links:

Now check out the Google cache:

Ms. Loudon has scrubbed her website of any mention of Angry White Dude and she has removed the white supremacist avatar from Mr. Dennis's comment.

This is VERY suspicious.

Could Angry White Dude, the white supremacist hate blogger, be Phillip Dennis??

Anonymous said...

I don't have proof links for you, but yes to your question. At one time he had an old email linked to the Dallas Tea Party roster. Also, if following his blog carefully at the inception, by process of elimination of events I came to that conclusion. If looking at some of the insider posters regarding Phillip Dennis, it becomes obvious. Supposedly, AWD is not a "supremacist" but, I believe he is racist, and especially prior to Tea Party fame, there were some incredibly vile posters, that drive by liberals (such as myself) demand he repudiate/remove... and he would not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2, I sure wish you had some links for me! Could you try to find them and post them here? And - how on earth did you even find this post?

What led you to believe that AWD is Phillip Dennis? It took me a little while to figure out, but once I had my little bits of information, it was easy to connect the dots. He isn't too careful about his identity, is he? (Can't expect guile from a dumb racist, after all.)

I agree that his blog has been cleaned up a bit in the past year, and you have to give Dennis credit for waking up and realizing that his blog had become a a major gathering place for white supremacists. Unfortunately, his introspection is pretty superficial - he posted his little disclaimer about not-being a white supremacist site, but the content really remains the same and the blog is as hateful and violent as it has ever been.

I honestly feel that Phillip Dennis really needs to be outed so people will know who he really is. I'd love to see him publicly apologize for the vile things he says. It would give me so much faith in humanity to see someone that low, that vile grow and learn and become a decent human being.

Anonymous said...

Anon#1, I've thought the same as you.. AWD should be outed. However, at this point, I think his site is nearly mainstream for the tea-party right. I believe the shock you expect would be a non-issue. Seriously, consider
Michelle Malkin and Pam Gellar... they don't hide. Although it is apparent, AWD in the beginning, clearly wanted to be anonymous.

I don't honestly think AWD is a supremacist, but I do believe he is a form of a racist... especially against blacks and Muslims. I've witnessed Chris Matthews take a beating for consistently suggesting the Tea Party is racist, while Tea Party reps insist "nope, we're about the economy".. meanwhile AWD, would nearly showcase/feature portrayal of black crime on his site, inviting and inciting posters as you noted... like "Chimp-out" to flail blatant racial ugliness. It is very dishonest, IMO.

I used to post at his blog, that's my interest... same as you. I recognize your monikers/style as being from the same time frame. Call me another liberal.

At the time AWD was posting on his site about his involvement in the Dallas Tea Party, it was from a process of elimination... Phillip Dennis touting "Atlas Shrugged" and AWD referring to Dennis as "that Tea Party guy" and his in-crowd referring to PD as those "in-the-know" do. At the time I Googled out of sheer curiosity, and found a Dallas Tea Party page w/ PD's name and angrywhitedude @ gmail addy. Today can find no such link.

Out of curiosity and "knowing AWDs secret" I periodically Google. I believe PD/AWD is a very smart/intelligent guy and has considered his "outing"... There's some Twitter-er posting comically? "Want to embarrass Phillip Dennis... regarding his totally racist site"? The thing is, it will no longer be perceived as you "see it".. it is just the opinions of the "right" on PC-ness, Al Sharpton, etc. and the typical cry
"racist" from the left.

But, I DO believe... if one were to really study the history of the posts, it would be a legitimate point... "Not obsessed with Race... much? Tea Party guy?"

TreadingDawn said...

Oh yeah, the Chimp Out crap was outrageous. I told him repeatedly that his site was drawing white supremacists and he refused to do anything about it. I have a feeling they finally overran him, he banned them, and put up his disclaimer that he isn't a white supremacist. I get a feeling he went further down the rabbit hole than he wanted to, you know? He bit off more than he could chew. Started spouting racist crap and lost his nerve when the REAL racists showed up and started busting the place up. I give him credit for that, but I don't know, though.

Yeah, I talked to the guy on Twitter. He said he had some info, but none of it was written down. He wasn't interested in outing the guy, and our conversation ended as soon as it started. He said that Phillip Dennis was using the AWD email address, which I never saw. I think you're right that, even if Dennis were outed, everyone would just kind of nod and say, "Yes, and? Tea Party is racist. What's new?"

I think the real thing for me is that he talks big on his blog, but he doesn't have the guts to expose his identity. He goes on national TV - what blogger doesn't promote his blog when he goes on TV? Dennis needs to man up and be an adult - promote his blog on TV next time he gets an interview. That's what a real man would do.

Anyway, I wish I had a way to exchange email addresses with you privately. I have a few anonymous handles, but I don't trust them to stay anonymous if I start handing them out on conservative rags like this site.

Good luck, though, and thanks for responding!