Sunday, August 29, 2010

Should Conservatives forgive, forget and fight for Anh Cao?

Let's be honest.

All we need this November is to win 39 currently Democratic controlled seats in order to install John Boehner as the new Speaker of the House, as well as to hold on to what few vulnerable Republican seats are out there.

Among those we need to retain in order to reach the magic number of 218 is Anh Cao's seat in New Orleans, which he barely captured in 2008 when he was running against Representative William "cold cash" Jefferson, who is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence over those same corruption charges that Cao beat him over.

Anh "Joseph" Cao - 33,132 - 49.58%.
Rep. Bill Jefferson - 31,318 - 46.83%.
Other Candidates - 02,432 - 03.64%.

Since his amazing upset victory in a district that supported Barack Obama with 73% of it's inner-city vote just a few weeks before the runoff election, Congressman Cao has voted with Party leaders 82% of the time. Though he did cause much anguish when he initially voted for Obama's health care package last November, basing his vote solely on abortion coverage within the legislation, which led him to later oppose* the legislation in it's second trip through the House.

So do we bury the hatchet with Mr.Cao, or do we focus on gaining 40 Democratic seats instead of 39? Here's a sample of Cao's voting record on some of the more well known legislative items that have come before the House over the past 20 months (keep in mind his district voted for Obama with 73% of the vote):

Stimulus Package - Nay.
Lilly Ledbetter Act - Nay.
Obama-GIVE Act - Aye.
2010 Fiscal Budget - Nay.
Cap & Trade/Tax - Nay.
Obamacare (Nov.) - Aye.
Wall Street (Dec.) - Nay.
Hawaii Tribal Act - Aye.
2010 Patriot Act - Aye.
Obamacare (Mar.) - Nay.
Wall Street (Jun.) - Aye.

Here's what we know about Mr.Cao: He supports the Military and our War on Terror, he's very pro-life, his record on economic issues is mixed, and he'll be a definite vote for John Boehner for House Speaker. Not the record of Eric Cantor, but still acceptable for a man from a district that is almost as Democratic as Nancy Pelosi's.

I forgive Mr.Cao for his initial support of ObamaCare, I've forgotten some of his liberal stances, and I will fight for Anh Cao to win reelection against his just nominated Liberal Democrat opponent this October. What about you?

* - Cao is extremely pro-life, the reason why he's a Republican.


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