Monday, August 16, 2010

Senator Levin Assaulted With a Pie.

I cannot believe that this has happened in America.

Senator Carl Levin had an apple pie thrown in his face this morning while talking to Democrats in a Mecosta County, Michigan deli. The reason? He's a defender of Israel, and he doesn't vote 99% of the time down the liberal foreign policy line. Of course my reaction is: And..........throwing a pie at a United States Senator is your only available response?

For some reason this incident is insulting to me. Whether a US Senator be Republican or Democrat; Conservative or Liberal, that individual deserves a certain amount of respect, and what happened in Michigan this morning broke the barrier between respectful disagreement with an elected official, and downright disrespectful intolerance.



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Fenway_Nation said...

I always thought it would be kinda funny when a lefty politician like Levin got smacked in the face with a pie.

Now that it's actually happened, I think it's kind of sad.

And he's getting the pie treatment because he isn't liberal enough. For all this blather about how the right, the Tea parties and talk radio 'coarsen and diminish the discourse', I didn't hear about the pies flying at the town halls during those contentious meetings last year.

Editor said...

I do not like Levin, but I believe that it's idiotic and cruel to pelt him with anything.

Unknown said...

What a waste of an apple pie!