Monday, August 30, 2010

Brewer Opens Solid Lead in AZ Governor's Race

Jan Brewer's political future seemed murky just six months ago. She was not elected to the office and there was talk about a challenge against her from the Republican Party. Now she appears almost inevitable to win another term in Arizona.

Brewer * (R): 57%
Goddard (D): 38%
Other/und: 5%
* Denotes incumbent

The poll is from Rasmussen, and as I always write, it is the most accurate national pollster. It appears that not only is Brewer's support growing but Goddard's is weakening. The low number of undecideds certainly does not help Goddard, who could win all of them and still get crushed. Turnout might be high on both sides-- as should be expected with such a contentious issue as immigration involved in a border state.

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