Monday, August 23, 2010

Congressman Scott Murphy Lies in First Campaign Ad.

Congressman Murphy (D-NY 20) released his first reelection campaign advertisement last night on local television in New York's capital region. The ad shows the Congressman of about 16 months or so having Sunday night dinner with his entire family, which is all fine and good - until he attempted to disassociate himself with a out-of-touch and out-of-control-spending mentality that thrives on the hill:

"I approve of this message because I know about Washington, and I'm going to teach them that they have to pay attention to Us!"

The nerve.

Congressman Murphy voted against the people on Obamacare.
Congressman Murphy voted against the people on Cap & Trade.
Congressman Murphy voted against the people on regulations.
Congressman Murphy sided against the people on the stimulus.
Congressman Murphy has voted with Pelosi 90% of the time.

Can you believe the nerve of some people? He is apart of the system that he is running against, and as a more than willing participant in the ultimate screwing of WE THE PEOPLE.

If there was ever more of a reason to vote out this scumbag.

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Unknown said...

he's a d-bag. can't wait to vote for anyone else.