Sunday, August 22, 2010

McCain May Destroy Hayworth on Tuesday

 Tuesday will mark the end to one of the most drawn out and publicized races in the country this year. Former Congressman JD Hayworth has challenged incumbent Senator John McCain for the Arizona Senate seat. Hayworth pulled close with some polls showing him just 5-7% behind. Hayworth also flooded the media and internet with advertising and interviews. Hayworth is predicting a big win, but polling shows McCain winning easily:

McCain*: 64%
Hayworth: 19
Und/other: 17%
* Denotes incumbent

Even if all of the undecided and Deakin voters swing to Hayworth he still loses almost 2-1. Hayworth is a fool and has been since he launched his campaign. Voters took a serious look at him and fled him quicker than the supposed "RINO" McCain.

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Reaganite Independent said...

Put a fork in Hayworth, it's over

Editor said...

It's been over from the start, it just took this long for everyone to realize it.