Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rubio Up by Five

A new poll has Republican Marco Rubio extending his lead over his two opponents in the Florida Senate Race. This has coincided with a slide in Governor Charlie Crist's approval ratings and a definite air of uncertainty in the Democratic nomination.

This poll comes from Mason-Dixon, and has reconfirmed a similar Rasmussen poll released recently.

Rubio (R): 38%
Crist (I): 33%
Meek (D): 18%
Other/und: 11%

There's still a substantial undecided column here-- and depending how it swings it could affect the results of the election. Considering Meek is so far behind, it may be a signal that he will not crack 25%-- so the undecideds will probably shift between the two leaders.

Since undecided voters tend to vote against the incumbent party 2-1, the results would shift to Rubio 42%, Crist 40%-- which still leaves Rubio in the lead. Furthermore, the conservative wave over the country will probably help Rubio further-- leaving him with at least 3% ahead.

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