Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toomey Lead Opens to 10%

Some more good news for Pat Toomey, who recently expanded his lead over Democrat Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania Senate race. The good news is that that lead expanded yet again, this time to a full ten percent. This is certainly not only news for the fact that Toomey appears to be surging but Sestak is flailing. The poll is from Reuters (be careful, PDF file). A similar Rasmussen poll out today has Toomey leading by 6%.

Toomey (R): 47%
Sestak (D): 37%
Other/und: 16%


Toomey (R): 48%
Sestak (D): 42%
Other/und: 10%

The Reuters poll is a bit suspect for the simple fact that their undecideds are 60% higher than Rasmussen. This implies that polling all adults is not as accurate as Rasmussen's likely voters metric. Both polls show Toomey with similar support, pushing near 50%, showing that Sestak has to win nearly all of the undecided voters to pull ahead. Unfortunately for him, that looks increasingly unlikely.

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