Friday, February 6, 2009

Joe's Babe of the Week

Joe C. has another smokin' hot babe for our vast internets audience. Calm down, lads, it's right below.

This Week's Babe:
Janeane Garafalo
Janeane used to have a career, but she still has a career in foxiness. She used to be a comedian, but for some reason, no one was laughing. Sporting her trademark "Gary Hayes 1950's glasses," this hot babe can stare me up and down.
Who can forget her great performance, including her own death, in Team America: World Police (the greatest movie ever). Even in doll form, she raised my strings. Yeah, she's out of work because she has no talent, but the talents under her shirt is all I need.So Janeane, keep unemployed, I'll hire you in an hour. Call me at 1-800-JOE

Joe's Hotness Rank: 8.5/10.0 shotgun shells to the face (see Team America)

1 comment:

Mr. d said...

I don't know, I think she's a puke!
But she sure is FUNNY!