Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keeping Accounts at Jumping in Pools

This is a sequel to a piece that I wrote in March when Alezend joined the blog. What I was able to do was rank everyone according to their stock in JiP. To gain stock, you must write articles or comment or link articles. Arrows indicate if the writer has gained or lost rank. Comment if you have any concerns. So here we go:

Primary Contributors and Editors:

1. Matthew Avitabile (also founder) Image:U+2194.svg
2. Michael Avitabile Image:U+2194.svg

Associate Contributor:

3. Mr. K. Image:U+2191.gif

Resident Contributor:


Apprentice Contributors:

4. Joe C. Image:U+2193.svg
5. Sirchadthepro Image:U+2191.gif

6. Eli (currently in the military) Image:U+2194.svg


7. Aleph Shah Image:U+2191.gif

8. Squeeblz Image:U+2194.svg

Provisional Writers:

9. Lute Barnes Image:U+2193.svg

10. Alezend Image:U+2193.svg

11. Elsewhere Image:U+2194.svg

So I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. And thanks to Wikipedia for the arrow imaging.

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Anonymous said...

joe c. should be number 1!

Michael Avitabile said...

You're saying that Joe C. is still number 4, even though he's only written 2 articles in five months? That's bull shit and you know it

Michael Avitabile said...

And how is Alezend lower than Lute Barnes? At least Alezend has written in 2009. BOOOOOO!!!! Come on, Matt, if you're going to do this article, do it right.